Hello. I'm facing a serious issue with my Roland 540i printer. The printer rolls out the media automatically before printing anything. It is annoying because I'm unable to print anything on a pre-cut sheet.

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Annoying not serious

No printer mentioned so look for your prefeed option and turn it off

Problem solved

BTW it is not a default so someone turned it on

the printer is Roland VS-540i. I checked Menu and Functions on the printer, could not find anything regarding the prefeed option. It rolls out more than 1 meter and rolls back before printing even a small sticker.
ok sorted out. it was under 'cutting options'. thanks @irving donaldson

@Nithin Ravindran - if I gave it to you - you would never explore all the options the machine can do. Some folks use that option to see if they have enough media and others to ensure the media is tracking straight. It has it pluses but can be annoying. Happy CAMMing!


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