Hi all,

Our light cyan recently started acting up and not printing correctly.

We just finished up a 3 week long project printing 30" x 30" Walmart logos (darker cyan and yellow) and when we got back to printing some of our frequent items, the color was off - missing the normal blue tint and leaving everything an odd color shade.

We tried all the cleaning modes, including a manual clean.

Attached is the latest print head test.

We asked our local dealer and they just quickly replied that it needed a new head.

We're wondering if it could be something else, like maybe a damper?

Is there any other info we can provide to further determine what's going on?



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That is a great nozzle test, other than light cyan.

first question - what are the 8 cartridges currently in the machine - read left to right

How old is the captop

When was your last manual clean

Did you look at the surface of the head

When doing your manual clean and the head is in the maintenance chamber - take a picture of the head surface and post that

You are getting nozzles so it is not the damper, other nozzles are good so doubt air - but it could be that

Hi Irving,

L to R: Lt Cyan - Cyan - Lt Magenta - Magenta - Yellow - Blk - Lt Blk - Cleaning Fluid 
That last one used to be metallic - but after problems with that part of the head, probably due to lack of use (over-spray and dropouts) a tech suggested we just pull the ink and put the cleaning fluid in.

There was also some (not much) over-spraying of the cyan.  Seems like it was only on a few prints, but it went away.

Captop:  I'm not sure how old.  We had a tech here a couple years to try to fix print/cut align problems.  I'm not sure if he replaced it or not.

Last Manual Clean was yesterday.   I should add that we have not tried a  Light Choke clean.  I just noticed that one in the manual. 

We did notice some cyan buildup on one end of the print head - probably from the over-spraying.
Print head photos attached.


1st captops are rated for 6months. Especially if using white and/or metallic. 

If there was ever any metallic used with that top - it needs to be changed

2nd - with CMYK you can get at least a year from the top, so it needs to be changed

Light choke would not hurt - if the cause is air - it will move the air with less waste than a powerful clean. Check to see if the nozzles are the same or move after comparing the 1st test with the one after the choke clean. 

Your problem should get better after the top is changed and a few normal cleans.

A head soak probably would not hurt, but if not for 48 hours you are just wasting time

The outer part of the head should be completely silver so that could be cleaned, but not your issue. The surface of the head looks like there are issues, but the most of your nozzles are good - so unless you are just holding a swab against and moving, then I would not touch.

We've got a new captop coming tomorrow.

We'll try a light choke once too and see how that goes.

To soak the head - is that just basically filling the captop with the cleaning fluid and letting it soak?

We could do that over a weekend to give it 48 hrs to soak.

Thanks again for your help!  Still hoping we can avoid having to get a new head.

Head soaks are great weekend tasks, and yes to your statement, just remove the lower right and clamp off the hose coming from the cap, there are two. Remember to compare the missing nozzles before and after the choke. If you still see nozzles missing, you are looking to see if they are same or different. If different then air, if the same then those nozzles are block, or closed. Not sure I would change the head for a lt cyan. If I had banding yes, but if it is a lot of blue, I would print at high quality. 

The best news I heard are the new truvis2 can adjust the printing to compensate for missing nozzles. Hmmm.

Hi Irving,

Now I'm a little more worried.
We changed the captop and did a Light Choke Cleaning and the attached jpg is the result.

We also did a normal cleaning, and have been printing colorful images, but the tests all look like this.

We'll for sure try the head soak this weekend, but it's odd that the whole head is doing this now.


Actually I should have warned you that when you do choke cleans, it looks worst before better. Do a powerful clean and then let me know how it looks. 

Things are looking much better after the new captop and cleanings!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us with this issue and saving us $$ - from when the tech guy told us to just get a new head!


EDIT:  Some colors are still off.  Like a turquoise we regularly print looks more olive green.  Will that keep happening until all those light cyan nozzles are firing properly?

Question: Did you ever do the head soak?

Your calibration is off - that would cause some banding and color shifts

Not using proper profile, not using default media on the printing tab, and missing nozzles are the leaders in color shifting

Also what is the condition of your encoder strip - that is the clear strip up above the realing where the cut/print assemblies run - that is to be cleaned ONLY with a lint free cloth and Alcohol - ONLY*******

Yes, we did the head soak over the weekend.

Going to try the print calibration now.

We're using existing files in the RIP that we print frequently, so all the profile, media and other settings are all set.

We cleaned the encoder strip not too long ago (probably 3 months ago).

I'll reply with more as things develop.    Thanks again for your time!!

Print calibration image:  We changed the upper number from the approx +2.5 down to +2
Otherwise it seems okay.

Latest Test of the print head shows that while the more nozzles are firing, they seem to print a bit fuzzy.

Our colors are still way off.  I'll attach more photos in the next message.



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