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I noticed VS540 has smaller captop tubes to the drain (white tube), If I want to recover my nozzle dropout and use the syringe trick to pull from under the captop, are we doing it the same way and use smaller syringe?

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same way may need to make an adapter, I usually connect through the rubber adapter. You pull from the waste bottle you get both lines.

Hello! Irving

I noticed there are many different sizes of connectors/adapters, can you indicate a few sizes I should have it handy. Last Friday I ordered a Spring Cap Top Front (size of a rice) and I paid $10 Canadian but the shipping cost me $50 Canadian totaling $60 for just a small spring so it better I ask for the right sizes.

Thanks Boss

Go to a pet shop or good hardware store and even a home deport type store with both parts. That is what I do and get a little of them all (1 foot) or 6in if the sell such and this way something in my go to back will work. Do you know how many of those springs are missing - I remember when they started with those springs.

I got the spring ordered and p/n:1000006524 so I am good I will go look for the rubber adapter connector at local Aquarium shop if not I actually saw it online already, in fact I am going order it now...safe then sorry later. If you guys ever be in beautiful Vancouver, pm me so that I can give you or your family one day free tour LOL with tour guide....me

Oic how come I never thought of that, and pull from the drain bottle tube but is it 10mm to 8mm or 8mm to 6mm rubber adapter. I need it on Monday so is too late to order one I have many syringe sizes to work with for now. As always Thanks for the 5 stars service.


Hi! Irv

On another note, I am try to get this grease FLOIL G-902 but unable to, any advise on where to get them or any multi-purpose grease will do? If I want to apply some grease to the pulley gear, I need not apply anymore to the belt right? same for the scan motor just apply some at the tip (gold plate) gear. Correct If im wrong. Thanks as always master.

Stop with the soup. Where did you get the motor from, it should have come greased and with a protective cover - remove cover and feel for the lube. If not the manual tells you the spec - a dealer can order - or google for an alternative - I am not that guy. I use OEM

I have not come to the point of changing the pulley as yet but just in case I need to do it. Pulley comes in new so after installing the pulley and belt, do I need to apply a bit of grease on to pulley gear. I have the steps to replace belt but not pulley, is it simple since belt is remove? Thanks


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