I bought a vs 540 2 years ago. I have hade some issues with the machine due to the metallic.

This year i bought a new head, the white and ink was replaced with cleaning cartridge since i dont want to print with metallic.

The problem was that when we printed it was stinking from liquid so now i changed it to 6+2 colors (red and blue instead of white and metallic)

I did some test printing and the head was not good, the issue was the cap station, one of the tubes was off under the station so it wasnt good vacum, I fixed that and pumped new ink in the heads and the pump seams to work

Now the problem

The head moves, the pump takes up the ink as it should, but i dont get any printing at all.

The head is pretty new, it worked before i fixed the pump, The only thing we did was that we putted in some cleanin liquid in the cap to clean it up. 

What can i do? How can i know if the head is bad or something other is wrong. The ink seams to go thrue the head when we clean it

best regards tomislav

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Hard to diagnose your problem as the time intervals are not noted. 

If the capping station was not sealed (due to tube) the the head could have dried out. 

You stated that the print "seemed to work"

Although the narrative stated nothing was done it appears that the printer was in trouble in the beginning. If the pump tube was off then you have zero vacuum and the print head would have dried out.

Chances are something else was missed. 

How did you perform the conversion back to CMYK?



Thanks for the response,

I did a firmware upgrade and then i changed the ink type, after i changed the ink the machine was puming 2 colors at the time and the rest dummy drums, but not much ink came out, after that when i started the printer a few ink was working bad then i found the vacum error.

So if the head is dryed out, what can i do? is it junk? can i run cleaning liquid thru the system

best regards tomislav

The foam cartridges has a limited use. After a few uses the foam opens up around the needle and the systems will draw air in. Not knowing the state of the foam it could have been the start of your troubles. 

The vacuum leak could have compounded the problem.

Most likely you have air in the system and it moved into the head. Having the print head firing the nozzles empty causes major damage. 

You can try to run solution through the head but I doubt you will recover all the nozzles after this amount of time. 

If you are a production company I would get a new head and move on

The one problem is making sure its not an electrical problem. That's the hardest thing to do without having a known good component. 

Is the green light on the carriage circuit board?

It is really hard to trouble shoot over the internet especially after the fact.



thanks for the help

the green light is on on the carriage circuit board,

i know its hard to find the problem like this,

the pump is fixed it sucks ink thru the heads but it dont print, so i dont think is dryed out but i dont know, the ink goes thru the head, and i have seen some air boubles in one tube, does that make it harde to suck the ink

You are not really supplying good time info to see if the issue is drying out. 

I would start by using a syringe and pulling ink through the head.

If that does not work and the head goes through the motions, the head might be broke. 

Changing the colors could be done, there are a lot of steps to turn switches on and off and back again. Not sure you did that successfully. 

Visually check for air in the lines, a few powerful cleans, then a nozzle test. If you get any ink, post the picture and we can go from there.


thanks for the feedback,

the head is sucking ink thru the pump, and it comes into the waste bottle. So thats no problem now, but it dont print at all. 

Maybee i did a misstake when i changed the colors.

This is how i did it

First i went into service mode and tried to change it, but the printer didnt want to change, i uploaded a new firmware and after that i did a factory recovery of the printer, then i could put in 6 colors. 

But i never changed any switches etc. before i used the white and metallic, after changing the head i put in cleaning liquid in the white and metallic, now i changed it to red and blue.

I use marabu ink.

Do you have any information on the switches and the way to change the ink

Can i use peck6 to se if everything is working? 

best regards tomislav

You can use the peck  and send it to me, but that is not going to help you but will tell you what the machine is seeing The dip switch is just to wipe out the on board memory to allow the ink to be switched. Without following the flush and head wash procedures, I do not know where you are or how to get you correct. The machine looks for inks in a certain line and then use that information to distribute ink, When you change that the ink delivery is compromise. If the ink is being drawn, but not printing  then I am thinking the head is broke. What breaks the head:

Not connecting the cables and powering up the machine

Spilling ink on the head circuit board

Spilling ink on the head board cables (check fuses)

Maybe the peck will show what the printer thinks it is and I can help you from there.

By site by laws - I can only provide so much information at this level of support issues


Then its not looking to good. I will look in to the cables if everything is ok, maybee i damadged one of them. 

I looked at the fuse and it was not brooken but i will look in to it again. 

I looked at the startup display and it says eco6 ink. And i dont get any error messages wrong cartrige. 

Can the cleaning solution destoy the head? according to sellers you can replace white and silver with cleaning solution. 

What happens when the head goes broken, is it the electonic issues?

best regards tomislav

Broke head is an electronic issue

cleaning carts are ok in those channels - that is not the issue here

Can it be that when i did the factory reset that it restored the old rank number on the head?

Thats the only thing left. Before the factory reset it was working, and after it wasnt

best regards tomislav

Big problem Marabu ink.

  1. Not a good idea to mix inks. 
  2. Sometimes the cleaning solvent gum up with other inks.

Technically speaking the printer should have error out because of the ink cartridges but due to the usage of  3 party ink the cartridge chips must be bypassed or modified.

You may need to refurbish the printer - meaning recommissioning the printer which is done by a trained technician.

At this point you do not know if you have an electrical problem or a print head problem.

If the printer was ran with no ink then the piezo's are bad in the print head but it appears that you have no channels firing which points to printhead failure.

Very difficult situation to trouble shoot without being able to test/compare the printer or printhead. 



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