Delete this topic .Thanks irving for all the useful help !

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nightmare for you.. are you actually getting ink all the way to the waste tank. May be the capping or the pump not doing there job properly really can spoil your day 

Fly me down to Florida and I'll fix it for you....

In all seriousness, I'd had a tech help you out. Sounds like you're in a bit deep and the machines can be temperamental...

I've been flown to Florida before to fix machines. Seems there is a lack of good techs down there.

So wait, Old head worked some, New Head none, Old head worked some less and no one asked - where did you get the head from - That would be my first question - you do not know if the head was any good. Then the next set of questions would be to see if you broke the head during installation (easily done if you did not recable properly). You could have filled the dampers and removed all doubt. The manual does not have all steps included and a head is something that a tech should do, unless you actually seen it done before.

Wow sure wish you would not have added that comment! It would be like your competitor opening up a shop like yours and giving your customers away the services you provide - it sure would help people like them. We (this site) have an agreement with Roland not to provide Tech Level Assistance. We do honor that and as so have been able to exist to help the community for many years. We at times do run across things that seem like an anomaly and can contact Roland directly through tech channels for possible solutions. All should remember that you provide information that you choose to share and techs and members on this site have to then try and imagine what you are seeing and then what you are not saying. Thanks for your contribution.


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