Hello all.

I haven't had many issues with my printer for the 11 years that I've had it, but something strange has just started occurring, actually about 2 weeks ago.  For no reason at all, the machine will clean itself every 16-20 inches or so of printing.  There are very few posts surrounding this issue, but one solution I found was updating firmware.  Currently, I'm still on the 2.9 firmware that the machine came with.  I didn't know to check the Roland site for updates, and since nothing was wrong, I never looked.  Will updating from 2.9 straight away to the 5.3 give me any issues, since I haven't had updates along the way?

I'd like to give this a try.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.


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Well all the incremental upgrades are there also, but the latest usually includes the previous. This is true except for the TruVis to the TruVis 2. That needs to be incremental unless it is 4.3 which includes the library. As for your issue - what are the manufacture date on your ink cartridges? Your machine is protecting itself.

Hi Irving.

The oldest cartridge is July 2019, I have 2 that are Sept 2019 and the rest are Oct or November 2020.  

Can you explain about the incremental upgrades, I'm not following you on this.  Roland has listed 5.0, 5.1 and 5.3.  I don't see any other firmware upgrades listed. 

Thanks for the reply.

OK, I decided to upgraded to v5.00 first, just in case.  It was successful!  Afterwards, I upgraded to the v5.3 and and it was successful as well.  Now, we'll print something and hope this solved the issue.  Thanks again for the reply.

Cartridges have on their manufacturer date. You have 2 years to use them. They will still work, but the machine will protect itself from old ink by cleaning more. Cleaning more uses more ink and will help you replace it quicker by using it up during cleaning.

OK, thanks for the reply on this.  I guess my July and September 2019 cartridges may be the issue.  I haven't printed yet to see since the firmware upgrade.  It's funny how this was never a problem with the machine before.  I'm pretty certain I had cartridges older than 2 years in the machine with no issues.

You might have and that is exactly how they use firmware.


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