To begin, sorry for my English (I'm French) and thank for your help in advance. 

I've bought 1 month ago an used VS-640 for my business (car wrapping and stickers). This VS-640 have new head, new dampers, new captop and wipers (bought to professional refurbisher). 

The tomorrow after install, I want to begin to make stickers and have problem with black banding. I try test print and have problem with black left line is perfect but right black line have missing nozzle. Try normal, medium and powerful cleaning but it worse :/ 

I calling the seller and tell me that is probably defective Cap Top, he send me directly new cap top and I change it himself. juste after, magical result, test print is perfect and I begin to work. During 3 days I produced my orders and print approximately 20m of print on adhesive without problem. 

Today, week-end return, problem appear again and black have missing nozzle :'(. Cleaning not solve problem and have more missing nozzle after it. I will not change cap top every week (!?) I think there is other problem and hope you know it and can you tell me what happen. 

Thank a lot :) 

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Looks like you are getting air in the lines. Not sure if you have the technical knowledge or machine access to address. 

Things to check:

- the machines flushing adjustment

- Hose going to black damper

- To move air - powerful cleanings (ink waste) / choke cleaning/ lastly - ink fill (lots of wasted ink)

- Also check lines under the captop through to pump ensure they are clear and snug

- under captop - ensure 2 hoses are connected and the third nipple is capped

Your missing nozzles on the other channels are not enough to show

The black consistent up and down and across will show banding and color shifts

When missing nozzles if same nozzles then check head surface - if missing is moving, then usually air

If clean head surface never wipe just place soaked swab, against the head - wiper will wipe

Lastly, your english is good - keep posting questions

Thank for your fast reply. I've contacted my reseller today and he send me new pump because he think that pump is defective (because with new captop, printer have worked fine during 3 days and after maybe air between captop and pump...) 

- What is flushing adjustment ? 

- Damper are new and if damper defective, think that printer not printed well after new captop 

- powerful cleaning not woking to 100% nozzle, my reseller tells me not to do choke cleaning because dangerous for head.

- Hoses and nipple under captop are okay, photo attached.   

Please see attached photo of many cleaning and evolution, captop view, head print view... 

If you have an idea, do not hesitate :) 


Well I think too many techs on one machine is not good. So stay with your reseller. 

However, when you change the pump you will get the same results. There is one pump, it will effect all the channels and not necessarily at the same time but  bounce around. Your issue is in one channel all the time. So my money will say you will have to replace that damper. On the VS you have 4 that share to get the 8 channels. So my guess is that the O ring on that black channel is not sitting correctly and allowing air to get in or not correct amount of ink to get in. Enough ink may get in over time to the damper, but on back to back printing you cannot keep up. Nozzles not damaged because nozzle missing is not consistent. Ask reseller, if he primed the dampers before installing - if not there is a Roland memo on the issue, at least in the states, if not in Europe. Choke cleanings will not mess up the heads, for it would not be an option - but you will not be able to access in user mode. 

Finally, uploading one photo can show more than many, but I understand how you wanted to show your work and the results. Only issue with nozzles tests - angles distorts and many affects ability to zoom in properly. All the best, let us know the final fix. Thanks

I think damper so, but no explain why when I have changed captop, print is returned 100% good during 3 days... :/ I will try to check damper today and if I see bubble air or anomaly

It's OK ! After many search with my tech on phone to find where are bubbles air, I have checked just after cartridge and found this fu**ing broken o-ring. Hope this post can help if someone have same problem and thank for your help. 

Glad your efforts were rewarded. Happy CAMMing, going forward!


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