After much diagnosing with much help from here and from our local Roland techs we have arrived at having to replace the print head on our VS-540i . Quote is right around the $3500.00.

Has anyone on the forum had any luck using aftermarket print heads to help lower the cost or purchased used from anywhere ? I know that's probably a really dumb question - using non OEM equipment or used equipment - but the printer is 6 years old and no longer in Rolands line up and we're a bit reluctant to drop $3500.00 + on a printer that, possibly isn't worth a great deal more than that.

Any advice / opinions would be welcomed - thanks a lot.

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Ordway Sign Supply  sells OEM Roland parts. 

Your printer is worth more than the 3500. In that price you have about 1100 in labor. Hopefully they quoted that for new dampers and captop, wiper and felt. I have used Sign-in-China Roland Head - it did work for a while then not. I also installed one for a customer and it is still working over 2 years - recently changed the dampers and still 100% of the nozzles. I do prefer OEM, only know to get them from Roland authorized dealers and they are not available to users. Ordway is a good Company.

Thanks Irving - any ideas what the printer may be worth once a new genuine head is installed ? We may consider moving it on and upgrading to a newer model.

Thanks again !

That is the newer model if you do Apparel. If your market is signs, then you can consider SG/VG which are cheaper than VSi models. The tru-vis inks and apparel media are not a match made in heaven. As for your machine a lot of factors go into the sale depending on market and prior use. I can tell you it has many more years left on it, and that is without seeing a peck report.

Lovely thanks Irving !!


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