Vs-540i Cyan bleeding into yellow when head is capped

My cyan is bleeding into my yellow when the head is capped.  A few cleanings will get rid of it, but always returns after sitting overnight.  Replaced capping station with OEM part, and also replaced dampers (not oem) and still the same issue.  Could this be from a non oem damper? Photos attached of 4 test prints. You can see how it gets better after each head cleaning. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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In the future separate test are better than 4 in one. the first and last is sufficient to save you and me. You are not correcting the actual problem as you treat the symptom. Get alcohol and clean your encoder strip. Also ensure that your flushing (head sitting directly over the cap and you have your spring over the front. Non OEM dampers - with grey o-rings are more likely to block flow and cause drops. Your nozzles should get health with time on the new top.

Thanks for response. I cleaned encoder strip, and head appears to be sitting properly on capping station.

Cyan still bled into the yellow overnight.  Well post update again in a few days to see if anything improves or gets worse as the new top settles in.

If your flushing adjustment is off, then the head sits on the top too long and colors cross. Many do not know the importance of the flushing adjustment and if the head does not clear the top the suction does not happen or happen enough. Keep me posted!

How does one go about checking and adjusting flushing adjustment?

That is done in the service menu, in the area where the head is installed. I cannot help you get in, but can once you are in.

I am in the service menu, next steps would be appreciated

Rob service menu - print menu - go down to flushing adjustment

Once in there - the arrows moves the head left and right

you need it to sit directly over when it comes up and just touching when head touches the lever on the right. If you too far away no suction and if to close in - it does not evac the ink and you will see flooding. I have done both to see it effect and never valued its worth until I did my own test. The powers to be do not go into detail about it.

Reach me here - as you see.

Thank you, will try and post results

My process to test was this. Would do this at 5PM each day when the shop closed.

1. Adjust flushing setting.

2. Clean print head until there was no flooding (good test print)

3. Let sit overnight.

4. Run test print at 9am the next day.

Results:  Increasing or decreasing the setting appeared to make the bleeding worse. +.50 providing the best results. Photos attached of 3 best results.

Things I have done since the issue started:

Replaced Pump (no improvement)

Replaced capping station, aftermarket (heads continually clogged)

Replaced capping station with new OEM ( resolved clogging, but still dame flooding issue.

Cleaned encoder strip

Any other suggestions to try? Thanks!


Encoder Strip - Cleaned with alcohol - Checked

Test done with OEM laptop - Checked

You have spring on the front - ??

You changed the lines or ensured no crimps under the top - ???

Flooding = Flushing - Sorry keep checking

- You do not have to wait you can see the results right away to have top set correctly

If overnight you get crossing and clean encoder strip - I will have to check if any other causes

Also check the sensor over the head to ensure the contaminant is not in there - I do doubt that since the cross is consistent and not moving. 

Lastly, check right above the dampers and see if there is air in the lines, in absence of the correct color it can pull an available color next to it

Yes spring is on captop. Captop came with new lines.

After a head clean it takes a while for the flooding to occur.

Will check sensor and airlines tomorrow.


Welcome, I am traveling, but will find time to check in.


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