My VS-540i has recently starting auto-cleaning multiple times during every print job, regardless on the size of the print job.  I definitely don't appreciate burning through ink every time it does an auto-clean - usually 3 to 4 times EVERY print job.  Anyone have any thoughts as to why this would start happening?  And any fixes?  Thank you in advance.  I am using Roland inks and my test prints are all spot on.

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Are your inks expired?

Are you using 3rd party inks?

The machine is in protection mode!

I guess I missed your response last Friday...  Anyway, I am using all Roland EcoSol-MAX2 inks.  I don't think they are expired?  VersaWorks is saying that both Cyan cartridges are borderline empty but I have not been prompted by the printer to replace with new ink cartridges yet.

Do not replace until prompted!

Read the date of the carts or post a picture and I will tell you how to read them!

Irv -

Here's the image of the cartridges - the cyan cartridges seem to be the oldest and also feels mostly empty as far as shaking goes.  Looks like Magenta 8 is a little old too but is still half full.


Your 2018 Cartridges are expired.

Even if they are completely full - the main board would read the chip and start the more frequent cleaning.

Gotcha.  So would your recommendation be to swap the cartridges for new ones and waste what ink is left in the 2018 inks OR just continue using them and waste small amounts of all the other inks during frequent cleanings?

I will send you my address. I will dispose of them for you, safely. The cleaning is annoying, but I am not changing until the machine runs out. There is no harm being done. So if you do change that is a choice.

Haha thanks for all the help, Irv!


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