Hello all, I recently obtained a VS-540.  At first I didn't have any issues, everything seemed to be fine and I was able to print a few projects.  Then I started noticing some horizontal banding, primarily in dark colors such as black or dark gray backgrounds.  I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different things and you can see in one of the attached photos that the banding did clear up tremendously, maybe a little still existed in the lighter parts of a dark background.  But the new primary issue that arose was ink smearing or scattering (maybe over spray is the correct term) over white text.  It wasn't an issue on dark text, but noticeable on white text.  

My test prints were not perfect, but from what I could tell were pretty good.  I saw somewhere that if a powerful clean had not been preformed in a while, that might help.  So I tried a powerful clean and ran a test print and it was a lot worse than the previous normal test print.  At some point I ran another normal cleaning cycle and did another test print, which was even worse than the test after the powerful clean.  I have attached the results of those tests, hopefully the photos can clearly show the results.

At this point, I am stuck.  I ordered a new cap top and that just came in today, so changing that is my next move unless I receive any advice telling me otherwise.  Other suggestions that I have found simply based on online research are:

- replace dampers

- ink renewal

- head soak

- choke clean

- static may be causing my problem.

I have attached some photos for reference.  Any help that anyone can provide will be extremely appreciated.  Thanks!

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most important thing with the vs is the cap sealing correctly and the scavenge pump working well most problems come from that.

fit the new cap top but double check its seating correctly and both the springs large and tiny are doing there job.

the poor test print after a powerful clean can happen like that just walk away from it for a while let it settle down normally returns to normal.

the over spray may be static wipe the machine down with a damp cloth and a different make material and retest if cleared go back to normal material should be ok . check that the head cables are good (only with it switched off).. sometime the start of the head failing unfortunately

Thank you.  I did walk away and after some time the test prints returned to the way they were before the powerful clean.  The over spray is still present.  So I will replace the cap top and see if that makes a difference.  And wipe the machine as suggested.

Your issue look more like a captop and wrong profile issue. Do not touch your dampers. What is the humidity in the printing area, if it is dry then that would account for your overspray - static. Your nozzles look ok and should not be doing overspray - deflections.

Thank you.  I'm very relieved to hear that I should avoid the dampers.  I downloaded the profile from the manufacturers website.  I have tried several different profiles and several different media types, adjusted the speed and heater settings, and so far I keep getting the same result despite the tweaks and tests.  So I'll replace the cap top and see if that solves the problem.

As far as the humidity goes, I'm not exactly sure but I run a dehumidifier in a neighboring room about 40-50 ft away behind walls.  It was regularly reading around 65%.  Concerned about its performance and age I replaced it last week and the new dehumidifier has since regularly read around 50%.

I changed the cap top and I'm still having issues.  It appears to be with the color blue.  See the attached photos.

I printed out a color chart.  Most of the chart looks fine, but there are several areas of isolated lines that have the blue over spray - you can see it in the white line that separates the color boxes.  It is primarily when the color goes from yellow > green > blue and blue > purple > pink.  It is hard to take a photo and it have the same effect as seeing it in person, but I have tried to zoom in and highlight the areas in the attached photos.

The last photo shows two samples of a logo I have been trying to print.  You can see that the black is fine, the white text has no over spray, but the greenish and grayish text does.  The last photo shows some banding that keeps showing up in a file I have been trying to print.  I have been able to (for the most part) minimize some of the other banding issues.  

Are my colors not set up correctly?  Is there something wrong with the blue ink in particular?  Again any advice is appreciated and I appreciate all of the help!

Maybe the files will upload this time....


Too many posts to go line by line -

When you do pictures they should be one per post and straight on - if not angles and multiples change what needs to be seen

If you use a profile and then set speeds and heats then you defeat the purpose of the profile - 

Profiles set all of that - if you see grainy - heat to high - if you see orange peel - heat to low - if you use default media on all three in printer setting you should not see none of that - 

The blue banding from a distance looks like calibration setting is off

A nozzle test tells me more about a machine than a color chart photo - 

50 is low for humidity


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