Been having an persistent issue with my VS-540 for about 3 months now.

Ink configuration: CMYKLcLmMC

The secondary magenta channel (the one that runs through the circulated circuit) will slowly drop more and more nozzles after continued printing but also seemingly randomly. If you run a cleaning normal, medium, to powerful you will get massive dropout of the magenta nozzles and then slowly the adjacent channels as well. Cyan and moving over from the left of the test pattern.

Parts replaced: dampers, cap top, cap top pump, cap top lines, cap top lines flushed and checked, choke unit disassembled and inspected.

If I leave the printer overnight, the print test pattern is 99.9% perfect with only one nozzle not firing on the entire thing. I've been working on it for months now to no avail, so I turn to this wonderful forum for new ideas.


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Is the third opening on the captop capped

Is the top opening of T coming from pump capped

Did you check the flushing position of the captop

Sounds like a leak, and since it is a closed system - at rest the ink refills the dampers

Third opening is capped.

The top opening on the output side of the pump is capped.

Did re-check flushing position and all is good.

I could totally agree with leak. Are blockages at all common with the ink lines? Is there a kit I can buy with everything I would need to just completely replace the lines from cartridge to dampers?

Thank you :)

Blockages are common, but dependent on temperatures and coincidentally - magenta is a known clogger. 

No kit that I know of,  and not sure if lines are controlled (dealer) or you can get them from

Clogs are usually in the T connectors - I know you have pulled with a syringe! about to board will check thread later.

couple of things to add

when you fitted the dampers did you check that all of the old dampers seals where cleared out.

did you lubricate the new seals before fitting so they can slide in to place correctly as only push fit they can deform whilst fitting if dry.  top and bottom seals.

have you double checked that the cap top is actually sealing by pulling ink through manually not relying on what you see in the pipe to the pump.

Good, new points.

Did not lubricate before insertion. What do you recommend using as a lubricant that won't contaminate the head or anything else?

And yes, the cap top fully seals and pulls ink.

a drop of cleaning fluid but not to drip while fitting also make clicking the top bit on easier..

i have a vs and have a love hate relationship with that head system when its right its perfect one little thing wrong and it goes completely to pot. unlike the dx4 heads that are more forgiving.


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