We have been using our VS-540 regularly for a couple months and have encountered this marking showing up in our prints fairly often. It shows up at the same width marking on both 30" and 54" material. I did a manual cleaning of the head and wipers this week but the markings have shown up again.

I am about to replace the wipers this week but I'm not sure if that is the cause of the problem. Hopefully this image will help... Thanks for any tips

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what print specifics are you doing? Profile, mode etc. Is it in the horizontal or vertical direction of the print?

The media profile is glossy calendered vinyl (ESM), and always in CMYKLcLmv mode.

The markings occur as a vertical mark as it feeds out and they are about 1 1/2" in length. They seem minor but I've never seen a marking like this before.

does it occur when you are in all modes of that profile? Try it in high quality, standard, and high speed and see if it occurs in teh same spot on all three or if it does not happen in any of those modes in particular. 

I do have a method to this madness and have an idea of what it might be but I am just ruling different things out.

I have been keeping track and I do know that it has always occurred in the same horizontal placement (about halfway across the width of the print)

I haven't printed in high speed recently but I have noticed the problem in both high quality and standard both an equal number of times. I hope that helps, thanks again

you can try to clean your linear encoder strip with an alcohol swab NOT the cleaning solution that comes with your printer and see if this helps. 

Try printing in high speed and let me know if that clears it or not.

We have actually been run about 5 prints in high speed mode over the last couple hours and there hasn't been one marking. The image I posted with the marking earlier was from another print we did today in high quality mode..

It may be a tubing mis alignment - here is a picture that I want you to compare to your printer. you will have to remove some covers but if the tubing is bumping against the back like in the photo below, it can cause an error with the linear encoder strip that give you the effect you have described. One shows the effect and the other shows the tubing. Let me know.


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