Hi guys, so this just happened last night, in versa works software it's showing a little warning box by the print status area. I opened the printer properties and my magenta shows exclamations on the level. When I look at the ink level on the printer screen it shows 4 bars.. it still prints fine but never had that little warning box by the printer status on versa works. Any suggestions?

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Perfectly normal, I would say...........my VW always warns me of low ink levels.

Use it as a recommendation to order a new cartridge (if you don't already have an extra) so you'll be all prepared when it finally runs out.

Also for what it's worth, Magenta runs out more quickly than any other color usually.

Lady Di

You probably have a month worth of ink left

With our new VG540 I just noticed today that it also has the "exclamation point warning" over one of the yellow levels. As you all may or may not know, this model holds TWO of each of the four colors. That said, am I right in thinking this isn't a big concern yet because it'll simply start drawing off of the other full level of yellow , or no?? (like others, I just wanna get the most I can out of these bags of ink.)

Your machine will not run even if one bag is out!

When you get the indicator, you still have at least a month or two of ink.

I usually buy 2 at a time, the lowest two, so that I am not buying 8 at a time. They never wear evenly anyway.

You can turn warning off in preferences

That model of yours has various ink configurations to include white, but exclude metallic - you are using the dual CMYK setup


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