Anyone know what causes this cyan offset when black is printed?  This ghosting effect occurs in the same area.  The rest of the print on the left and right are fine.   Thanks!

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I have the same problem, someone can help. I cleaned the molding, a dry cloth that the print head rides on, without help.

Did someone solve this problem?

Would like to see your nozzle test, but initial thoughts is what is your humidity settings in the area of the printer? YOu can spray some water in the area or put a few pots of water under the printer to increase the humidity.

Good day, nozzle test is OK, ambient humidity during the day 16-18%.
I focused on the data cables leading from the print head to the
motherboard. With the machine disconnected from the mains, I removed
the cables from the connectors. He then cleaned the pins with pure alcohol
and returned to their original positions. The problem was solved.
I believe that any information can be useful to anyone.

Thanks for reporting your solution.

So the error returned after about 50m2 of printing. As a next step, 
I see the cables swapping to see what cable it is causing. Then only
the connector on the printhead board or on the motherboard.
Do you see another way to solve the problem?

NO - Cables could go bad - same as the board. I would start with the cable and ensure it is properly seated.


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