I opted for WH/MT in my VS-300i when I bought it 15 months ago. They haven't had much action! That said, the machine did next to nothing for about a year as life took over. Anyway...

Metallic seems fine and works when I ask it. However, the white doesn't. I have now discovered that I can put in cleaning cartridges in those slots (thanks to this forum) and have done so. The question is...

Will my white lines/head/whatever magically come back to life after having the cleaning cartridges in for a while?

I am hoping that the circulating ink/self cleaning it does will have some effect. Or am I living in a dream?

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Hello Dreamer, Just joking. It depends on when you caught the issue. The most complaints come after using those inks after 6months and printing nothing but doing the cleaning cycles. The white is know to chalk up in the nozzles and above it by the seals. What I normally do when I am not using those colors are to print bands of them to run them out of the lines and again when I need them. If you do cleanings that would waste all the colors. Cheaper to dump ink than replace the heads on a service call.

Thanks Irving. I can probably live without white if it doesn't work again but i'll keep up the dream that in a couple of months I will put white back in and print with it.

White is an absolute nightmare. Thankfully we use it a lot more now so we dont have to circulate the ink a lot.

When we stood with white we had to circulate it religiously a few days a week.

I've heard that putting cleaning solution in the cartridge will reduce the head life but i'm not sure how true this is.

It comes down to if you have the money to go through the white and metallic as each clean will waste them


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