Hello, I am having some issues with at first with cyan dropout from a grayscale image giving it a pinkish tone, but after a few cleanings including a light choke cleaning and changing the wipers on the unit I have not been able to get the image to be various shades of gray and have now the cyan mist/overspray.

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You have wondering cyan nozzles any time those fire you will get the overspray, if those are not partially clogged nozzles, then they are deflecting due to a head strike. clogs can be corrected

greys - if vector then use the roland color palette to get greys

CMYK will give you pinks or green hues

RGBs and Pantone should also be better

how old is the captop, slow draining can cause color shifts

I don't remember how old the captop is exactly, but I think it may be at least a year old, and the machine hasn't had a head strike. 

A history report will reveal whether or not there was a strike. Changing the top would be the first step in starting the solution.

Okay, changed the captop and ran one powerful clean. Here are the results.


Remember we are looking at a picture that is affected by flash. If you are referring to tint - no answers to above

referring to misting - still looking at static and based on your part of the country - still thinking so

So is there anything I can do about it if static is the cause?

try unplugging your machine for 15 minutes and if that makes it better, then you need to get a destatic kit or increase the humidity in your printing area during your dry seasons.

Alright I left it unplugged for 15 minutes and it didn't seem to help.

At the request of a technician from GSG I performed a 30 sec head soak of the cyan channel with the missing nozzles and it didn't seem to affect the prints for better or worse. Was that the right call?

Hi, Did you find a solution to this, I have the same problem.




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