I have had a Versacamm VP540i for a long time and have had many interesting things that I've had to deal with but never this.

I have a file that was ripped through VersaWorks and is about 50"W. It has crop marks in the normal four corners of the print. I set it up to print, laminate then cut like I have 1000's of times before, but today it is sensing cropmarks that are not there, about 6" into the media. Instead of continuing to the other side of the media it stops and starts sensing cropmarks on an unprinted, white area 6 inches from the base point edge. 

It continues sensing as if all four are there, (again only the first one is actually being sensed) then proceeds to cut the file at about 1/10 the size.

I have restarted, hard restarted & even entered service mode and it keeps happening.

Anyone have a clue what this could be caused by?

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