hi guys this a last desperate call for help . my vp 540 feed roller is still spitting out vinyl , then roller

wount stop , motor seems to be all fine , could it be it pick up sensors either on the end of the grit

roller or inside the feed roller , is there a way to run a check in service mode , and if so how.

thanks guys

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in another blog i found someone who had exact same problem , theirs was a cut wire to motor , all my wiring seems good. i tested from board to inside feed motor.

Spitting out vinyl when?


hey inobu .. thanks for asking been a ghost town on the blog today . it spits vinyl just before printing , or if i use the up or down arrows. on a test cut it will do the cut perfectly then straight away spit out media . and cant stop it , have to power down

So, if you load the media it will pull the media back and find the front edge of the sheet?


no if i load media it fine , but as soon as i push up or down function on keypad it just rolls the vinyl in either direction and wont stop .

You should run the PECK program that is on rolands web site. This program will create a file with all the statistical data of your printer.

In this case we want to see the hours on the feed motor. This will give an indication of how old the motor is and the probability of it being the issue.

This is an high level maintenance action and warrants a service call which I think you already alluded to.

In any case I think you have taken it as far as an operator can safely troubleshoot.


Hey I, could be

Bad wire

Bad servo board

Malfunction or dirty grit roller - I could swear I posted the things to check - 3 days ago


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