Hi! Irv,

Welcome back we missed you. I am working on a VP-540 and out of the blue I had block printing on yellow print head (I forget to take a pix for you bcos I know you love pix, maybe tomorrow). Now I know you going to tell me to re-sit flex cables again and I did that many times with existing old and new cables that arrived today but still the solid yellow print across on test print and test pattern-fill. In my opinion, I think the dx4 print head is either short or the print carriage board (I remove and re-sit cables many times) What do you think? should I get dx4 print head first or print carriage board first to test, I would like to get both but I don't use Roland to print money unfortunately. thanks buddy

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make sure no pins are bent, reseat, and ensure they are aligned the way you found them - if it has one of those metal sleeves use that. Block printing is interference. Board, then head


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