VP300 stops in the middle of a print.  Seems VersaWorks finishes sending the file to the printer and it stops printing.  Note on the display is Now Processing, but this will continue without moving forward.

Turning off the VP and restarting works for a couple prints, then back to the above issue.

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Wrote many posts on this topic: possible causes



screen savers

hard drive power savings

faulty Ethernet cable

not fully seated cable in port


I wrote the question then looked through all your different post. 

Tried virtually everything changing IP, connections, to everything else, then considered a motherboard failure.

Looking through your most recent answers, Found the most common answer was to initialize VersaWorks. Seriously, initialize VersaWorks?  No way, then I did it.  No problems since.

Makes sense, over 10 years of production with who knows how many bad files.  Now I'm looking forward to getting into work and doing the same to my other two stations.

Thanks for the help in the past and current.

lol, well more importantly you found a solution - Happy CAMMing!

Hi Jim,

Its a common problem with VP series. It's not about ip, cable, antivirus, etc..

The problem is ethernet connection chip on the board. You need to find a tech guy who can repair the board and replace a new Realtek ethernet chip. It costs around 200-300 USD. Or you should replace the motherboard. I made the fist one.

I had this problem about 2 years ago. After replacing I still using it with zero problem.

I think this problem has something to do with heat. I was getting less error when the environment got hot. But the permanent solution is to change the chip.
I hope this information helps you.

Have a good day!

Ungur I will leave your comment here for I am not the forum Police. However, I do have a responsibility to protect those who read our posts. You made the first one, and for that I wonder why it was the first. There are many machines on the market and what you said it is not about seemed to have worked in the past. Your solution as you stated worked in certain conditions and your geographical location may be way different to other users. So my advice to any user reading Ungur solution, it worked for him and is not sactioned by this forum or by Roland. Why can I speak for Roland, for I get their updates and modifications.

Hi Irving,

I understand you and you are completely right. I just wanted to share the result of my 6 month research on this problem. Often the methods you specify can provide the solution. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.  Thank you for your helpful comment.


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