Looking for any advice before I start to investigate this.  I was running a 48" x 80" banner on 54" material today and as the printer was printing, I noticed slight warbles along the edge of the print.  After it ran the 80" length, I noticed the print was done at an angle to where it started.  The material did NOT shift, just the placement of the print.   Has anyone had this happen before?  First time with this so I wanted to ask before I did anything.  Thanks for any advice!!  

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Got it, I mis understood when you said alcohol or nothing but.... I have located individual wrapped alcohol swabs with the 70% alcohol so I will pick those up and clean both sides of the encoder strip as we as the sensor.  I will update upon doing so and seeing what results.  Thank you.

Irving, just got back to town and took some time today to try thoroughly cleaning the encoder strip with the wipes and that took care of the issue!  Thank you so much for your advice!

To all those reading this thread, Irving knows what he is talking about and is very knowledgeable in what he does!  

** Irving, can you please PM me?  I am not sure how to do that and I want to ask you something else.  Thanks!

LOL others seem to find that feature first - going over there now. Welcome back to your town.


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