Looking for any advice before I start to investigate this.  I was running a 48" x 80" banner on 54" material today and as the printer was printing, I noticed slight warbles along the edge of the print.  After it ran the 80" length, I noticed the print was done at an angle to where it started.  The material did NOT shift, just the placement of the print.   Has anyone had this happen before?  First time with this so I wanted to ask before I did anything.  Thanks for any advice!!  

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Actually not enough information provided about environment, machine setup, and results. Here are some thoughts that may or may not apply. 


- was banner at room temp 

- banner material will stretch and warp upon warm up from printer


- was banner given and maintained leeway or pulled off roll by pinch/grit rollers

- were all internal pinch rollers used

- were the media rollers locked in position

Also are you saying the margins on both sides were equal the entire length and width of the print and image is distorted or that one end versus the other end was different.

Thank you for getting back to me !!   The temp was about 70 and humidity was around 48% or so.  Both the printer and the banner roll are in the same room, so the same conditions for both.  I set up the 54" roll with about 1" space on each end and am now just noticing that there were only the outer pinch rollers in place.  The material did NOT shift however, only the print.  It ended up about two inches closer to the one side and two inches further away on the other side.  Along the edge of the print is a slight wobble every 4" inches or so.  

Also, we always roll the banner material out prior to prints and then also maintain slack in it so it does not tax the grit / pinch rollers to pull off of the roll so hard.

Everything sounds about right, but I am not standing there. I would only say use all pinch rollers and lock in the media rollers. I will delete the other post.

Good evening Irving, writing you back to show you that this is still occurring.  I am trying to run decals on adhesive backed vinyl and it started to print askew once again.  I store this material in the same room as well, it is 76 in here right now, humidity about 40% right now, but as you can see, the print is not straight.  This print is about 10" in length, but has  already moved 1/4" in that 10" distance.  Pinch rollers are in the same spots on the material, so it is just the print askew, not the material.  I also had unwound the material previously, so I believe it is in the print, not the rolling of material.  This mother board was replaced last year with a brand new one from Richardson Supply in Columbus OH by their tech.   I am lost here.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!  


I have no idea, but here are some

The printhead just sits there and moves when it is dragged along by the cut assembly with a magnet. The cut assembly is attached to a band  - that band needs to be checked to ensure it is not brushing the side walls and running askew. The print head reads an encoder strip and that strip coded tells the printhead where to drop ink. Those are two areas that can be a possible source.

Thank you Irving, I will check to make sure the encoder strip is clean and free of any debris.  I know it is the original one to me so is this an item that jus wears out?  I will try cleaning everything and see what happens.  Again, thank you for your input.  I will update you for everyone to benefit from this info. 

Encoder strip will not wear out - alcohol or nothing but lint free cloth to clean or you will ruin it

I will get some lint free wipes and clean that.  Should I also try and clean the sensor that senses the encoder strip?  If so, is that located on the back side of the head unit?  Again, thank you for your knowledge and I will update you once I have cleaned everything to see if that fixed the issue!  Have a great night!  

the sensor is on the top side of head carriage under top cover - would not hurt to clean - great idea btw

OK, great, thank you!  Is it OK to clean with a moist hand wipe such as a Wet Ones foldable wipe?  It has water and denatured alcohol, but nothing like isopropyl alcohol or the likes.  Just want to make sure I don't use the wrong product to clean either of these surfaces.

Thank you again for your experience and insight!  Hoping to have time today or this evening to attempt cleaning these items.  

I told you what I have been using for many years and what is taught. You do not want to introduce a substance that makes it hard to read or remove the codes on the strip. ijs


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