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Wish you would have posted the nozzle test opposed to the video.

I see several issues in no particular order:

Did you ever see the machine work (have all 4 colors)

Do you leave the main power on in the back

Not sure how you are able to move the head with machine on (forgot if could with VP)

Not sure how you have fluid sitting in the top without the lower panel removed (and line clamp)

So leads me to thing lines are clogged and if so it cannot pull in the ink. 

You have one channel (damper) not working and half on the other one so again clogged lines

Wipers need to be replaced (109 error)

So replace tops, wipers, scraper

Black looks like issues also

I would not remove the cover you talked about unless risk of more damage

If you spill ink on any of those cables (or clean fluid) or the printhead boards you will have larger issues - the ink and cleaner are very corrisive

Headsoaks - if u will do 48 hrs should be the minimum on new tops so you get 100% solution and not diluted by waste ink

enuf for now

Hey Irving,

Yes I have had it working fine when i bought it lack of use i think is the issue here.

Yeah I did leave the main power on however i was getting 0109 error and at one point i came to my shop with the heads not sitting in the cap tops and the error msg beeping I am not sure how long it was like that for. Anyways after that happened i head soaked it and got a nice chunk of the nozzles back but then after another few days clogged again.

Yes it was pooling because I had the drain bottle hoses clamped.

Tomorrow I will try and remove the cap top lines and suck through them... is there a way to shoot cleaning fluid through the heads?

Thanks in advanced, i wanna get this fixed up and then do the proper maintenance regularly. 

All good, but do not shoot the fluid through, for you can ruin the seals in the head. Use the syringe to pull through from the captop lines. If still no good, it would be better to clamp those lines and head soak the yellow. Due to the dried ink and gunk you are getting your wipers dragging and causing the 109 error. remove all of the metal, clean and the the scaper is under the metal piece hiding the wipers. just let me know tomorrow how you make out, patience will save you money.

10 4, I will do a good cleaning and make another video showing everything I did, thanks a lot Irving enjoy your night.

Irving, as you suspected the line from the captop to drainage was plugged solid, cleared it and a portion of the yellow is coming back going to preform a headsoak again when my new cleaning solution comes it.

Should I clean all the lines?

That would not hurt. Post a solid nozzle test and not a video and I will see what else I can detect.


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