VP 540 material feeder takes off running while printing in process

Thank you to all for your time.  Saturday my VP 540 just started this issue.  While printing simple decals the machine advanced the material forward at a high rate of speed and laid about a half a roll of material before I got back in the room.  I tried simply shutting everything down, running set up again, cut the material and tried again..... same result.  I went through it one more time and this time after cutting the material and beginning to advance, it just took off again.

Has anyone experienced this before?  Thank you in advance for any help, advise etc.  

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Does it happen with every file or just this one file. If you did not try another file, then you should do that.

I am going to try that right now and thanks for getting back with me.  I know it's getting late on the east coast here, but I will try it and update as to what happens...  Thanks again Irving!!

Just tried a different file and as soon as it went to print, the feed just advanced the material right out the front of the printer.

Tried a few more files... same results.  This is very odd and I am clueless as to what to do.  Thanks for your time as I know that it is valuable.  

Hey Irving, I tried several different files and did complete shut down and setup several times with the same results.  Any ideas?

Just checking back to see if anyone has had any ideas on this problem at all?  I have tried shutting everything down, new files etc with no luck.  Has anyone encountered this before?  Thanks for any guidance on this as without the printer working, I will have to go and find a job..... 

The only tech topic I seen on the matter has to do with the feed cable becoming unattached; or broken. Not sure about the unattached part, since I did a job 2 weeks ago and accidentally detached the cable and the machine would not feed and through an error.

Thanks for getting back to me Irving!  Funny thing is that tonight I decided to sit down, load up the material and even the same file to see what would happen..... believe it or not, it is printing the same file with no advance issues.  Part 2..... upon running one set of decals (4) successfully, the next 4 showed a haze of red outside of the print area like water color wash out.  It went across portions of the print but not in all areas.  So I stopped the machine, set it up and ran another with no issues.  So I tried again, then it showed up again.  I did maintenance cleaning etc again to see and the one that is running right now is looking good. 

Any idea what all that could be from?  Humidity is currently at 40%  /  temp at 75.  


In the time since I sent the last mail, the humidity has come down to 37%  temp is still at 75 and I have managed to run 7 sheets of 4 decals with no issues.  Not sure what is up with this thing, but maybe you have seen that kind of ghosting before?   

I appreciate all that you do on here as I have read through so many of your replies to people and it really is very gracious of you as time is our most limited resource, yet you seem to give a great deal to everyone on here, so from me to you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Thanks for the acknowledgement. 

Your humidity is too low. it should  be no less than 50 but 60 is good. Did not get to look up your state, but drier climates produce static, some colors to all colors - not usually in that pattern, but it may be picking up something on the media. You can get a spray bottle and spray water around your machine, or place a bucket of water under the machine and see if that helps. 

If it is not feeding media, then look on the right side where the feed motor is and see if you see the wire powering the unit. ensure that it is completely seated and not partially in where by vibration can cause the feed to be intermittent. If you have the ability to print a report check the hours on the motor.

My first machine was a VP540, loved it but it could not thread 6.5 ft of water.(superstorm sandy).

Machine has some history so it might be time for some parts to start going. Ensure your captops are no more than a year old, they help with the static.


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