Hello Guys,

Iàm new to this Forum, so I hope this is the right place, to add my Problem/Question.

I have a Problem with a VP-540 Mainboard, to be exactly, with 2 Mainboards.

1. Mainboard:

Printer is starting normal

If you send files for Cutting, it cuts

If you send files for printing, somtimes it prints, sometimes it Switch off complete!

Not only Sub-Power, Versaworks say "Not Connected".

Than you have to Switch off Main-Switch, waiting a few seconds and then it will start again.

2. Mainboard

Firstly it didnt startet. So I was surching for the fault on the board (Iàm a electronic Technican)

I found a broken Power-Switch and some damaged capacitators. So I changed them to new parts and look the board is starting :-)

So I checked to send some files:

Cut-File-> Power off

Print-File-> Power off

So everytime I send a file Printer is switching off.

After this I tested what happends when Iam Switch off Sub-Power:

Both Boards (Servo and Main) green LED is on->Possible to Switch on again

Somtimes Servo Board LED Switch off, Main Board still on-> Not possible to start without complete Power off.

LED on Printhead is always on!

So that was a short break of my Situation.

Did anyone have the Printserver-Firmware? Actually is V1.1 installed, but I know there is Minimum Version 1.2.

Is it possible to reinstall complete Firmware (not with the Roland update.exe) I mean manually and if yes, how should I do that and did anyone have this Firmware (of the Printer)

Hope someone can help me.

A Circuit-Diagramm of the Mainboard or any knowlege regarding the Network port will help me.

So Iàm looking happy Forward to your answers :-) 

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Focus on Main board 1 best odds of recovery.

Issue may not be in the main board but the Heater system.

Heater system has ability to trip main power.

Main board is powered by DC power supply 

Heater system connected directly to AC board.

Main board tells heater control system when to start.

Cuts ok because heater is not needed.


Heater control unit may be the problem


Hi Inobu,

first thanks for your reply.

I checked the Heater as well. Disconnecting it from Board. Same Problem....

It looks like, if a bigger file goes to the Printer, it shut down. I tried to make an Firmware update and it Switches off as well while receiving the update files...so no Heater enabled.

I still think the problem is in the heater system.

If there are no fuses blown and the printer is performing a complete power shut down. One can reason that the printer is trying to protect itself for something it cannot control. 

The heater system is the only external system. It runs on AC and only reports back to the main board either the temp or if it is on of off. 

My guess is that the thermistor board is going bad. It is sending an overload signal causing the printer to perform a complete shut down.

You can perform a temp test to see what is happening.

Because the main board is killing itself there is no error code to see.

Viewing the event log may reveal the event that triggered the main power kill. 


I read over the Main board 2 symptoms and it has a similar problem. The servo board is the interface to the power board. Its hard to say. 

The problem is you have no Known good card to start the fault isolation process. Because of that you can end up running in circles. 


Did you find out what was wrong with your printer? My VP-540 is doing the same thing. Powers on, does a cleaning cycle and even prints reports and test patterns are good but when I send rip and print job to versaworks the machine just shuts off and power stays completely off until I reset on/off switch on back then everything goes back to doing the same thing all over again.

So many time have passed. could you finally repair the vp-540 mainboard?


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