I get these random magenta marks on most of my prints and they seem to be getting worst. They look like a long line of a test print (i.e. fine magenta lines).

Its happening from two different computers so i'm sure its not software related. Anyone else experience this or know what could be causing the issue?

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normally associated with a cable fault at the head a lot of care whilst rummaging around and make sure the power is completely off before even opening the covers.

if your not confident about diving in   best get a tech out

So i cleaned the encoder and also took out the ribbon cables to the magenta heads, blew the slots for dust and re-inserted them and now its printing 100%. Lets hope it stays that way will keep everyone posted should anything change.

The cables pins look 100% as they are about 6 months old and they seem to be installed properly. Should I attempt to replace the cable?

The issue is called 'Block Printing' and as Chris noted occurs when the data cable is not realigned correctly, so you get the cross talk printing.

Thanks guys for your help

When you say data cable is that the ribbon that connects to the magenta print head?

So the issue has returned and now it is unbareable. Since i've spent money on a mainboard, head and other parts over the last couple of months I would really prefer not to bite the bullet again but the technician said it seems as if it is the head that needs replacing. This is what the prints look like now. Any thoughts?


I am not on sight, so anything is possible. I still say this is nothing but a cabling issue. Whether a bent pin, a burnt cable, or the cables not aligned. I had one job, where the head kept printing magenta instead of grey, however it was not block printing. I changed head, printboard, and mainboard, no more issue - took out the the new mainboard, and printboard and replace it with old - again no issue - so it was the head. As stated, never seen that, but yours is block printing.That occurs when a signal is received, when it is intended for somewhere else, but the somewhere else is still printing.

The technician put two new ribbon cables into the magenta head and made no difference. I also swapped the heads around and the magenta is still doing the same thing.

I've recently been getting 0007 errors randomly but when input the machine off and on again the 0007 error goes away. The technician has previously tried a new servo board to mainboard ribbon cable but the 0007 error still appeared from time to time.

All I can tell you is that block printing is a cabling issue. You replaced the servo board, but what about the print carraige board that the heads connect to before the servo board. Did you ensure those cables are correct in placement. I will check again, for the only thing after what I just listed will be the mainboard. So here are symptoms and then fixes. When you see noise, that is the block printing.


Servo Board does not wrk correctly; sub CPU does not work correctly; There is a bad connection between main board and servo board; A noise on a signal while sending a command; Sub CPU was reset while sending a command


Check cable connections between main board and servo board; check the other cable connections of Servo Board; Servo Board Replacement;Main Board Replacement; Flexible cable replacement

somewhere there is your answer


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