Hello! My VP disconnects while is printing. At first i didn't care because it was not as often as it is now. Below is a list of things i have tried and none of fixed the issue.

New pc (good specs)

New ethernet cable

Network ON/OFF

Same Subnet mask

Same IP

The odd part of story:

I did notice cold days the disconnections were more often so i thought it has something to do with the temperatures and the printer struggles to get them.

So i send a small file for print and after a while, it stopped and disconnected, then i changed the "print and dryer" temperatures to OFF, send the same file for print and all good.

After that i called 2 technicians from different companies that support roland plotters and both told me the same thing. "this is a common problem on the VPs, go unplug the fan that goes to your main board and you are going to be ok, its a bug" I was blown away.. So i unplugged the fan (power OFF) then i set the"print and dryer" temperatures up and send 2 big files that were printed without any problem.

My only concern is, now the fan is unplugged if the temperatures get too high will the heat damage the main board?


(below is a pic from the fan i unplugged)

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Not sure about the fan deal since the disconnection seems to be ethernet related but I know when mine was doing the dreaded disconnect in the end after trying countless things the fix was replacing the main board. 

Hello Sam thanks for replying.

How do you explain then that after i unplugged the fan from mainboard i had no disconnections?

It has something to do with temperature. It's not the fan itself that cause the problem.

Also when i print with both heaters OFF (print and dryer) i have no disconnections.

Any idea?

I chased that bug for months trying every single suggestion I came across. Various things seemed to fix it for awhile then it would come back. With some of the "fixes" I was able to print 80+ ft of vinyl without a problem but the issue always came back until it got to the point of disconnecting constantly. I finally replaced the board and haven't had a single disconnect since.

Did you try unplug your fan or any of your "fixes" focused on the temperatures-heaters etc?

I never unplugged the fan.....that's not one I ever saw that in the long list of suggestions I came across on the net.

Can't say unplugging the fans won't fix it but not sure how a network issue ties into the fan.


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