VP-540 black print head wacky in a bad way..what is this problem?????

VP-540 black print head wacky in a bad way..what is this problem?????i change trailing cable (data cable) and damper but not solve this problem. what is this problem?????

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My printer is doing exactly this same thing. Could someone tell me what this is?

Will the OP please tell me how he solved the issue?

This happens when you touch the cables and do not line the up correctly. It is called 'block printing'

How do you mean "touch the cables"?

Please explain for me? It is an intermittent problem... It does it, then it stops. I did not touch anything, and the printer was working perfectly. Then it starts this crap, then it stops and work fine again...


Then you have a loose cable connection. This problem does not just happen. So you need to inspect your cables for ink or movement. It is a communication issue that causes the head to fire when it is not supposed to. No one can tell you which cable it is without see the machine, If you are not familiar with the machine then call a tech for you will not know what to look for. The post you tagged, the person changed the cable. He did it wrong and got the issue. As stated, this does not just happen. The cables are secured so that vibration does not cause this issue.

No I think the guy had the problem and he tried changing the long cables to fix the problem. (The damper as well but that really wouldn't be the problem.) I don't think he changed the cables and THEN got the problem, rather he got the problem and tried changing the cables...

My printer was working fine, then last fall for no reason it started the black line issue. I called my tech and he said he would come out and share the travel with another customer. The other customer did not need him, but after a month or so my printer started working again. I did nothing. Then a few weeks ago it started again for no reason. Then it stopped. Tonight it started again, then stopped.

I am waiting for delivery of the 8 head cables and the 3 long carriage cables. I have already removed, inspected, cleaned and re-inserted all the ribbon cables I could find on the printer. When I was finished that, there was a message "heater too hot 46`" (Celsius). This stopped the printer from coming on.

I went into service mode and the printer would work, but the printing was still off. When I did test prints though, the top or first pass would print fine, but the bottom pass was offset by an inch. Then after about 3 times it would only print the top or first pass, then hang there with test print on the menu but nothing was going on. I had to shut it off to get it to work again.

After a couple of days the heater error stopped, but the printing was still screwy. It was also changing from a black bar to a yellow bar with black stripes, then back to black... Then it all went back to normal. No errors. I printed a couple hundred decals, no issues. I did test prints everyday for a week or two perfectly. Then tonight I changed the caps and the printer was doing the black bar again. Then back to normal, then back to black or yellow with black again...

The cutter seems to work fine.


As of right now the printer is working perfectly again. This is so hard to deal with, because I am doing nothing and it is working, not working, working, not working etc...

Head cables and long carriage cables arrived today. I will install the head cables first...

Then use it and see if it will go defective again...

OK so now it is wacky again.

Could this be a hint:

The first time it did black just like the OP's picture.

Months went by, then it did black again, but also some weird patterns.

Then it switched to yellow, with a hint of black stripes.

Now it is magenta doing the crazy stripe, with a hint of black stripes.

So it is moving around.

Does this trigger any a-hah moment?


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