My printer was stopping mid print and the printer would say processing but Versaworks would say not connected. I was able to turn off the printer turn it back on and sometimes this would work. Now, it just will not connect. I am in serious trouble as I have 3 huge jobs due out that could cost me my biggest customer, PLEASE HELP....

I am running dedicated windows 8 computer, no anti virus straight computer to printer via ethernet and have tried 3 different cables.(i have also tried installing versaworks on another computer with same outcome)

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Likely, the main board is bad. The VP series has a known issue with the main board losing its connectivity.

I have a VP-540 that I could help you get your printing done with, and come visit and repair your machine for you....

where are you located?

Omaha, but I cover Missouri as well.

i actually need a job print cut by tomorrow. I was looking at prices for main boards and I am no way going to invest that kind of money into this printer. thanks any way.

Want to sell the printer then?

Hi, I had been same problem. I updated firmware to 4.80 and thats enough to fix it. I think they updated the ethernet driver on the mainboard. 
Check the latest firmware here;

Another temprorary solution is to keeping mainboard warm. You can use heater  or a bulb near of the right back side of the machine. (It's worked for me till firmware update.)

Ugur A.


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