Hello new to group. Have a vp-300 that had a media jam last week cleared and now have a 0010 0010 scan motor issue. Replaced motor changed around encoder strip and have checked all connections. Still same issue when I turn machine on the tool cartridge pushes all the way to right pushing print head all the way to right.  Have attempted all the resetting of limits etc but error code displays immediately before any test is done 

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Initialize the system and then set the limits

That should have been tried prior to replacing anything

I did try to set limits but when I attempt I get the errors it starts processing then moves left and stops .  the tool cartridge always trys to go left into the print head even when print head is locked.  It does this when I do anything have attempted servo lock and everything I can think of. 

There is a kind of trick to it - do you have the manual or PDF for it. I know it is a matter of following it. Used to have the same issue but do not recall at this moment. I do believe after the printhead locks u have to move it to the end by hand until the knife drops.

yes I have followed the manual and have been on the phone with tech support. 

Try with the cutter and head off of the top - machine off, and use the key commands to do the limits

It should lock the head then seperate the tool carraige

not sure if i understand, when I try to do limits off top I get unrecoverable limits 


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