Hi Team,

I've just joined this forum as I just bought my first large format printer. A Roland Sp-300v. I'm trying to find a vinyl that will let me print and cut at the same time without edge curl. I do not laminate my stickers as they have a very short life on the bottles of homebrew for customers. But I'm noticing that darker coloured labels are suffering from edge curl. Quite a few of the designs I print have ink that goes right to the contour cut edge. 

Because the runs I do are all short but I do many in a day, printing, drying and then cutting would not be very cost effective labour wise. I was hoping that if I pay more I can find a vinyl that can handle printing and cutting at the same time. 

Currently i'm using Avery white monocal grey removable. But it certainly suffers quite a bit from edge curl. I've heard good things about Oracal 3165 removable so I was thinking of trying that next. Any other suggestions? I don't mind paying a fair bit more just to avoid this issue. Would cast vinyl suffer from edge curl as well? Can you get self adhesive paper instead of vinyl and maybe doesn't have this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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It is the ecosolvent that eats away at the adhesive, especially on removable media. You will need to use a white border even if slight. Look for similar media with permanent adhesive. Cast vinyl is made to allow ink to the borders.

Thanks for the advice. I've ordered some permanent adhesive to see if that helps. I'll step up to cast if that doesn't rectify the situation. I noticed just waiting 15 - 20 mins before cutting helped a little bit. I could update the designs to include a white border, i'll use that as my backup idea.

You can cut first, return to origin, then print - another technique.

You can ask vendors for a sample or buy a yard until you get the right solution for your project!

Oh wow. Does cutting first prevent the curl? I guess the ink is less likely to get pushed down into the cut?


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