My printer, a VG640 is printing blacks with lines about every 1/8th inch. Kinda like something is dragging across the wet ink. It’s clean, I’ve check and manually cleaned the head multiple times. It's not banding lines. Nozzle check shows a deflection in the black test print. Per the tech, he thinks that the nozzle check is too good to change the printhead, but I don’t agree. Feed calibration is good as I can get with the nozzle deflection(it’s set on +.15). Tried different icc profiles matched to the type of media.  Printed in uni-directional to make sure it wasn’t bi-directional calibration, heat setting adjusted(per tech's recommendations) and still these lines are in the print. Does anybody have an idea on how to correct this issue or what's causing it? Or am I right and it needs a printhead? Thanks

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You need a head

You have a black nozzle crossing over into the next column. Once that occurs, you will always get that noise. You cannot plan around it, nor can you tell when it will show up. If it is a VG and still under warranty, then the replacement is free. As you see by your calibration test, that black nozzles will impact all of your test. I am not sure your calibration is at  the correct setting, it may be more like .25 or .30. 

Truvis ink is a fast drying ink. Just ensure the surface of the head does not have any ink and you have cleaned around the head so that they are all silver.

Thank you. I suspected that a new head is due. I just wanted a second opinion from our tech’s. 

We do keep it pretty clean. We do a manual clean usually twice a week. There’s no ink on the surface of the head visible by the naked eye. Everything is shiny silver. The machine is out of warranty so I’ll have to pay for the head which isn’t a big deal. I rather have it firing correctly than turning out bad prints. Once the head is replaced then I’ll be able to get the feed calibration corrected. 

Thanks again. 

Welcome - hopefully you have upgraded firmware and ink to the Truvis2!

Yes sir. We upgraded a few months ago. The inks are way better as far as whitening out from stretching on bumper/hard corners etc.

One issue we did have was the latest Versaworks 6.x.x(can’t remember the exact upgraded version).  But we run the printers from a stand alone dedicated rip computer with windows 7. Previous Versaworks Dual had no issues so I never really seen the need to upgrade to windows 10. Now with the new version of Versaworks, sometimes(it doesn’t happen every time) when I rip the job it stays at 0%(even small files). I have to go into task manager and end the Versaworks process. Then as soon as I open Versaworks again, press rip/print again then it starts the rip process. That might be a little confusing. But I never could find the answer if the latest version of Versaworks is compatible with windows 7 or is it windows 10 only? I need to upgrade it anyways, but we haven’t really been able to time wise/work load to shut down and upgrade it. So I kinda found that work around until our work load slows down some. 

Keep the work around - do not know about version compatibility off hand. I do know that I installed VW6.4 on a Win7 system for a VG2540 with orange. They all played well with each other. Also if you have queues loaded with files those can impact the rips. I would suggest when all the ducks are aligned, then a new computer or laptop and use your current one as a back-up. 


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