Under downloads in versacamm for how to set up BN20 step by step video, it states that this is for windows xp, windows7 and vesta. My question is will versaworks run on windows 8.1? If not, is their an update to be able to run vestaworks on windows 8.1.



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If your using the latest Versaworks update, Windows 8.1 should be not an issue, 8 and 8.1 are identical except for more features for desktop users like me who will never have a touch screen for a work computer. BUT I have a VS and the BN20 has a different RIP setup, still it should be a non-issue.

Thanks J_H,
I'm having problems getting the cut contour install on my laptop. I' am using corel draw xp and windows 8.1 but for some reason I'm not doing something right. Any suggestion?

Which version of Corel is that - X5 and later has the Roland palette built in. If it is older, then you have to load it in from the VW folder on your system.


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