I have just received a new GX500, I downloaded versaworks fine but when i go to Add to queue they are all grayed out and i am unable to add any jobs to my list. 

Versa works has found the Cutter, the serial numbers match. 

I am at a loss, I am hoping someone here can help me work this out.


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I have not used a straight cutter on VW in a while. If I remember correctly, a job must first be ripped with a print/cutter setup and then the ripped file can be dragged and dropped to the cutter. The RIP process produces the cut data. Check the help section - did not see anything - but it may depend on which version and series of VW you are using. 

I have tried 5.1.1 and the latest 6, both with the same results.

Do you mean the image to have a cut line around it?

Yes image needs to have a cutline that VW recognize, but must be first ripped by a VC printer file - the rip file can be used to cut on the cutter. What is wrong with the cutter program that comes with the GX? What advantage are you looking to get from VW.

So i had an SC540 Soljet PRO2, I didnt use the printing side of it that much so i got rid of it to get the GX500 for cutting only. I used 5.1.1 VW with this and had no issues. I still have the images i used with the old VW on the old laptop that went with the SC540. The issue is that i cant even open a window to locate the images i want to cut on my new laptop with the either of the VW versions i have, the option to add a job to the queue is grayed out so i cant click on it, i am trying to work out how to fix VW so i can add jobs to the queue.

I dont really know much about Roland Cut studio, i know VW and i would prefer to use that.

Again, I know VW to be a printer/cutter program, that can cut files that was ripped for a print/cut file. The program is designed to print and then allow cutting on a cutter so that the printer keeps printing. From what I know you use cut studio when you only have a cutter and not printing. As stated earlier - VW can handle 4 printer/cutters but they work together. When I was doing, this long ago - nothing can be seen by my cutter until it was ripped on the printer side. So several thing you can try:

Setup the cutter on the system with VW and the printer and see if it works there, or

contact www.rolanddga.com and see if there is any info up there on that site.


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