Those using the new TruVis VG2/SG2 and VersaWorks 6 can use the above link for Tips in achieving greater accuracy when cutting with crop marks.

The article was written by Scott Burgess -Roland DGA East Coast Imagination Center Manager

When using a Print/Laminate/Cut workflow, registration marks are used to align the cut with the print when the media is loaded back into the printer after lamination. As you may already know, the printer will read the registration marks prior to cutting in order to correct for skew, or any other distortion, that may occur during the lamination process.

This process works well, but in some cases – those where the cut is complex or there are many cuts to perform (i.e., when doing multiple decals) – one set of registration marks may not be enough. Now, you can add more registration marks to your job to help the printer maintain a high level of accuracy during this process.

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