I have a customer that submitted artwork to me for a banner and when I try to RIP it, it stops at 20%.  Any idea why?  Thanks in advance!!

So I think I know why it's stopping...the file size is HUGE.  I'm not sure why it's saving it that way.  I've tried saving it to different formats but nothing is working.  She submitted the artwork in Pantone colors, I converted them to RGB.  Would any of this make a difference?

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It is the size of the file - Leave it as Pantone - ensure you have convert spot colors and special colors checked

reduce the file by 50% in your graphic program and bring in to VW

In VW increase by 200% (back to original size)

You are lucky - usually it stops during printing

You saved the day once again!  Thank you so much.  Are the Pantone colors making the file that big or would it be something else?

Thanks again!

Without seeing the file who knows. I doubt it, though. It is more like the format type. VW only need 72dpi to give you a great print. So if you do a very large banner and divide by 2 you still have 150dpi. I sometimes divide by 4. Understand that the file is kept in the computer and the VC requests info as needed. So a machine low on RAM or hard drive can have problems. The worst is getting a now processing while printing because those you never recover from and you have just wasted, time, media, and ink.


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