I have been using Versaworks5.1 on an old Laptop and i want to change the program over to a new laptop but i don't have the start up disc, I only have the Dongle.

Where would i go to download the program? I have plugged the dongle into the new computer but nothing happens. 

Thanks in advance for help.

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Versaworks does not use a dongle - 

So did this start out as ColorRip for the original VersaCAMM

All i know is it doesn't work without the usb dongle.

I bought the printer from my friend he was told when he bought it, it wouldn't work without the dongle.

The printer is a SC-540 Soljet Pro 2.

i can help here

the sc540 pro2 came with colourrip when colourrip was droped in favor of   versaworks for all newer V marked machines

a special version of versaworks was produced at a high cost that needed a dongle also windows then played a part as colourrip  was a XP prog.and not vista friendly 

colour rip was a cut down version of wasatch rip, wasatch also offered at the time  a single printer version for the pro2 for around £120 which i bought to future proof  the machine. however i still use colourrip on a win7 pro computer today.

the standard versaworks will not drive the pro2 the latter 545 and V models could.

roland might just be able to supply a original disc for the special VW but doubt it. unless the roland person has been in the game for many years they may not no a thing about it.

have not tried to get colourrip to work on a win 10 machine the wasatch apparently will.

i recently bought a cheap refurbished XP pro computer as a back up for future breakdowns

this may help


if well cared for the pro2 is still a fantastic bit of kit

Thanks Chris for the input. Once I heard dongle, I could only thing of earlier version and ColorRip!

Thanks Heaps for the info Chris!!

I find the Pro2 to be perfect for what i need it for, a couple of the heads aren't the best but it prints fine for what i do for now. I will replace them in time.

I will see what i can get going on the new laptop, at worst i can keep the old one running, I just want everything on one laptop.

i might suggest you keep the old laptop connected to the printer and transfer the print eps files only created from the new one.

by the sounds of it you may not be saving the graphic files to a back up device a raid network drive around £100 ( not over keen on cloud stuff )to which save the graphic files and eps so could quickly be picked up by the old laptop to drive the printer. 

clean up the old laptop disc  as much as possible and disconnect it from the web so it will run and rip as cleanly as pos. less work for it so may last that bit longer.

Yeh i have had the same thought, I will probably do that, seems to be alot of variables that could make things hard if something went wrong changing them over.

The old one run ok, i just wanted it all on my good laptop because its always with me to do some design work on the run and the whole swapping files around can get annoying. 

Thanks for your advice.


for the hell of it i downloaded colourrip 2.2 from rolanddg jp and loaded on to a win 10 pro 64 bit machine. to my surprise it accepted it and runs looks like its going to drive the printer. because i am at home and printer at work cant test fully but can't see why it should  not work at the moment.

have fun


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