I can't figure out how to get this image to print correctly.  If you look at the gradient in the eyes and mouth the redish color should go all the way to the edges with no white showing at all.  As you can see when it prints it is wrong.

I have attached a image of what the bad print looks like, what the good screenshot looks like and the EPS file.


Vann Stockwell

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More information is required. VW does not like gradients. If you did it in AI then you need to flatten the image before sending.

Thank you man.  Nice to see you are still around.  You have always been helpful.  I will try that.

Thanks Vann for the kind words. Yeah, I need to find a new hobby - lol.

VW does not like lots of things - including gradients.  Would be nice if Roland would update everyone to a 21st century RIP.

Hey Bob, it has been a while - Roland has done just that with their VG series machines - but other companies have been for years - Ergosoft and Wastach - check spelling - you just need to spend a few thousand to get them


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