Hello Team,

please help a noob out,

I have recently bought a second hand Roland sc-545ex that uses a Network card to connect to the computer.

I've manage to install Versawork onto Window XP SP3 (ip, I have IP address for the printer, but when verifying, the app wont connect.

any help would be appreciated.

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first 3 sections of the IP on your computer and printer are exactly the same? i.e., 192.168.1.xxx?

also the subnet masks are all exactly the same? ?

thank you all sorted now,

Also with what Todd stated - you may need to lock your network adapter on the computer - with the same series but xx? different from xxx. talking IV4 in adapter properties!

thank you all sorted now,

Be nice to know what it was so when others search they know what to do. thanks

Installing  Versaworks on Window XP or any older version window,  for connecting Printer using Network card.

Ensure your computer have network controller drivers installed (as you aware window no longer support older version windows)

If you don't have network controller drivers for Window XP (best to just upgrade to window 7 or greater).

Install Versaworks (including latest updates) and PRINTSERVER-NetTool

Plug Printer directly to computer network card, ensure to use a "Crossover cable"

go to "start", click on "run"

type in "CMD" press enter.

type in "ipconfig" press enter, a list of ip address will pop up.

look for "Ethernet adapter" copy ip adress from "IPv4 Address or Primary address" 

open up "PRINTSERVER-NetTool " you will see your printer.
Add a Printer "click on TCP/IP printer, enter the the copied IP address and press "ok"

Open up versaworks, enter "printer setting"" click on TCP/IP printer, enter the the copied IP address and press "apply and OK".
Boom your printer is ready to roll!!!


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