I've been using the Ink Consumption calculator in Versaworks and its been a very handy tool.

However today i noticed something very strange.

When using Black(BK21) from the Roland Color Library in "Standard" mode : i get an ink consumption of 2.33cc

When going into "Draft" mode i get and ink consumption of 3.23cc

How is it that draft mode will consume more ink than standard? (Both have Spot Color selected)

How is this possible? Maybe an error? or does the machine in fact spend more ink due to headspeed?

Anyone else experience something similar?

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Trying to figure this out. (Happened again with a different B&W design.)

I dont mind the difference in ink consumption, after all, time is money. I'm just trying understand the machine and the logic behind this situation.

Does the machine in fact consume more ink in Draft mode? (with VW Black - BK21 spot selected) 

attaching job log.




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