So this has been something I've been dealing with for a while. After I print a job, sometimes my printer just decides to reprint the last job sent about a 10 to 30 minutes after it has already finished. Is my Roland SP-540V haunted or is there some setting I'm missing that tells it to print it twice at random? It doesn't happen right after the initial job was sent, printed, cutlined, and sheet cut, as I would notice and cancel the second print while I'm out weeding and transfer taping the decals I printed. Sometimes I don't even realize its printing again because i'm deep in thought designing in my office just off the printing room. I've checked all the job settings and don't see anything that could tell it to print twice. If you have any ideas what it could be or need more information about my setup, let me know!

VersaWorks 5.2.1

Firmware Version: 7.30
Roland 540 SP-540V VersaCamm

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How are you printing - 

- through VW, or

- through the windows driver

Which graphic program are you using?

Make sure the mouse cursor is not hovering over the print icon. Some OS's have a function  that enables the mouse to automatically select if hovering over something.

this happens to me as well .. make sure your graphic being printed is deselected after you print (not highlighted) otherwise if your mouse is hovering it may print accidentally as butch said


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