Some are asking for Versaworks general settings - so instances are various but here are my General.

In the Quality Tab

Select media using if specific is not there - HTM2/3 or TTRH for apparel

Not touching anything in the middle and always print standard unless using canvas or bad printhead then high quality

For Raster - PRepress US for Vector Max Impact, for color charts - Density control - you can experiment with the others

If greys, yellows are offcolor - will go into properties and preserve primary colors 

In the file tab - eps margin is  0.1

checking box to convert spot colors

In Printer Tab - all three areas are using default media

Once you register your machine you also have access to Roland support and check our resources above. Any specific questions start your own post for the community to help.

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good refresher - thanks Irv!

Welcome, the PMs were killing me softly!


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