I am trying to install VW Dual and I am getting an error 1311 about the Data Cab.1 file is not found.  Has anyone else experienced this that can help me out?



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which printer do you have?

300V.  I have not plugged in the printer yet.  I got a new computer and my dealer sent me the file digitally.

Your dealer should have told you that it will not load unless it recognizes a model with an 'i', BN20, or a true vis machine. The printhead cannot work with that model printer. So you need to talk back to them!

OK Thanks.  I need them to send me the older version of VW then.  

Is there somewhere that I can download an older version?

No it is free no longer needs a dongle as your version for your machine would have. Your dealer should be able to get you a copy digitally or a disc. I would say that all digital copies do not download properly so it is better download all and then install.


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