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New issue I am experiencing that I don't know how to fix. I don't think its a versaworks issue because I can load older files and they do not have that extra added white space. I havn't changed any settings, I've played with page size in corel and I can't get that extra space to go away.

I do all of my designs in corel, export as eps and go about my business but this would waste too much material and it is not in my design. No matter the size of my design it keeps adding in this extra space. Tried searching the forums but I don't even know what to call this.

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The easiest fix would be using the clip and tile feature of VW and grey out the portion you don't want which is the white space of the artwork.

Did not know about that feature, at least it gets me printing again until a permanent fix shows up.

thanks for that

Sounds as if you need to select your design and when you go to export, then choose the selection option. You have it set to page and thus getting the extra. Frances did provide a VW work around and that works also.

Do you mean the bounding box option under advanced when I am exporting? It was already set to objects and not page.


post the corel file and let us take a look and see if we can spot the issue. Also the EPS you are sending to VW

Its a very basic file, just a background color and a cut line to get the letters I need.

Thanks for looking into it for me, might have something in corel I need to change after I updated

What Steve was getting at is to look at it in WireFrame mode then since somethiing hidden might be expanding what is visible. 

Or do a select all - and then put an outline around that to verify only what you want is selected.


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