I am getting the following error message when I try to print using VersaWorks 6.8.0 "The amount of memory required to use the RIP could not be secured. Adjust the [Memory Amount] setting under [Preferences]." I have adjusted the memory slider to the highest and lowest levels and the error message still appears. :(

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Dennis your errors are always one offs. With all of the adjustments, did you restart VW or your system so they could take effect. I do not know for sure, but would be my first step.

I shut down VersaWorks and restarted my PC. I also tried going to the printer tab in VersaWorks and clicking on Test Print, just in case there was something squirrelly about my file. The test print hung at about 1% just as my file did before the error appeared. I have a 64-bit operating system, a solid state hard drive with 16GB of RAM and 236 GB free space; so, my hard drive shouldn't be an issue. I contacted Roland and I have no idea how long it will take to get a reply. Argh. 

So as stated, no idea. I would have thought hard drive space or ram, but you covered those. 

I did go up on the tech forum to see if there were any reported errors. There were none, so I have no suggestions for you. If I told you my 6.4 works well, I would be ticking you off. I appreciate all of the 6.8 errors you are finding. When they get to 6.8.x I will go for it.

If I don't get a reply from Roland in the near future, I suppose the next thing to try is uninstalling VersaWorks and reinstalling it. If I could go back 6.4 I would; but, I can't.

After a week and not getting a reply from Roland tech support, I uninstalled and re-installed 6.8.0. That resolved the problem. Here is the link to 6.8.0 for an SP540i https://vw.rolanddg.com/en/hfuefb4wt.html

Thanks Dennis for posting for future users issues. I thought it was only me that cannot get a call back from Roland. The old true and trusted - uninstall, reinstall, fingers crossed solution! Not always, but usually our trusted fallback position. Thanks again. For Roland Operatives who come across this post - only joking I get call backs.

My comment about not hearing from Roland tech support was not intended as a criticism; rather, it reflected my urgent need to print and cut for orders that we have already committed to for the holiday season. Anyone who plans to do an uninstall and re-install of VersaWorks will find it helpful to record the IP Address of your machine because you will need to enter it the first time VersaWork is opened.

LOL, mine were criticism, but when stuck in the field I do have some work arounds. Happy CAMMing!

Just got a reply from Roland tech support and its suggestion was to run the software as admin. I will try this if the issue happens again.

Excellent, but to all who see this - always run it as ADMIN - it makes a few things more simple to include dragging and dropping files into VW.

Lastly you can right click the shortcut and do that everytime or find the base program on the C drive and right click that one and set as admin. I unusually do the admin on my installs so the client does not have to bother.


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