I am creating a separate post to provide information on VersaWorks 6.8, even though I included some information in a separate post, which you may not be following. I upgraded from VersaWorks 6.3.2 to 6.8 last night. The upgrade was successful and additionally, resolved an error that I was getting about files being corrupted when I tried to add those files to a queue in VersaWorks 6.3.2. The information posted at the Roland site appears to indicate that VersaWorks 6.8 is not for use with an SP-540i. I contacted Roland and was told that 6.8 could be used with an SP-540i and was given a link for the version of VersaWorks 6.8 that I needed.

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Thanks for sharing

From my humble understanding The 6.x will work with any printer ending with an 'i', BN20, and TruVis printers

The same with Dual - although the heads are the same as with the other printers the technology in the machine is not.


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