Hi All, new here but have been using VW for a while.

We recently updated the VW for the VS-540i and have an issue with Tiling larger jobs.

The job prints fine but then starts to print multiple copies, even if the copies setting is at "1"

Am I missing something or is it a glitch?

Its a pain as we can't leave it to print tiled jobs without someone keeping an eye on it to avoid printing more than we need.

Prints normally on un-tiled jobs

we have no issues on the pro3 but its running VW5.5.1

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Not all updates are good updates. I let all the beta testers find the issues before I update. I heard of this issue before, but cannot remember the issue. I will check up on the tech site. Check your file to ensure it is not two copies sitting on top of one another. I think the issue first showed up with dual. 5.51 will only print what is on top, dual and above handle files differently.

Hi Irving, thanks for the reply.

its only happening on the VS-540i, not an issue with doubled files as it has happened on different jobs.


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