I just installed VersaWorks 6.0.1 on a new Windows 10 PC. It recognized my SP-540i and displays the ink status. However, above the ink status message is "Setup incomplete" with a amber triangle with an exclamation point inside. I checked the FAQ at the Roland download site and didn't see anything about "Setup incomplete". Any advice on how to address this?

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Hi stranger!!!

I’ve got no information whatsoever to help.......since I’m still functioning in the dark ages here, but I just wanted to say hi and send you and Vicki a bunch of hugs. Miss you guys like crazy. 

Hope all is well


Lady Di

Good morning Lady Di,

I have been a stranger, my apologies. Vicki occasionally leaves the "r" off stranger when referring to me. Vicki and I are well, thanks for asking. And you? Do I remember correctly that you moved south where it is warmer?

We have been operating with the version of VersaWroks that Steven installed on my PC when we got our SP-540i in 2010. However, it was time to get a new PC. I discovered that VersaWorks 6.0.1 could be downloaded for free. A free download is unheard of these days.


I’m doing great, thanks for asking Dennis......and yes, I’m warm and happy in sunny Florida now.

I had to laugh, I’m probably still operating (just fine) with whatever software Irv originally installed, as well, back in 2010. I think I upgraded once then quit. So many people were having oddball issues with upgrades that I saw no need.

I live in fear of my now ancient laptop one day calling it quits and will be faced with the same issue you have.

Heads up, I’m sure I’ll be crying for help when that day comes. 

Irv made my move smooth as pie. My machine and I took the 1200 mile trip without a single glitch.

He’s still and always will be my Knight in shining armor. 

Im sure he’ll jump in and answer all your questions as well.

So nice talking to you

Its nice to catch up, however briefly. Something to think about. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. So, it might want to think about a new computer while you have time to consider your options.

To make you feel even better about the move south, the low up here tonight will be 18 and the forecast for Sunday night is -3.

Load some media. 

I will try and let you know what happens. Thanks.

survey says........

Wow! Talk about strangers! I know you monitor your forum like a hawk, Steven, but man oh man, we hardly hear your voice anymore. 

This must be Ol’ Timers Day!!

I’m smiling from ear to ear

Really hope you’re doing well and happy with your new job, Steven.......

miss you like crazy, too


I miss you guys too! 

Life has been hectic - New job, moved to Michigan, finishing my MBA, and Jen and I adopted three kids from the foster care system last year! Hectic is the new norm :)

I am hoping to be at ISS AC this year. Maybe we can all meet up for a drink and old times :)

Sign Vicki and me up. We are going to attend the ISS AC Thursday and Friday. Going home Friday night.

Wow, wow, wow.......big congratulations!

I can’t think of two better people to be parents.


I loaded a design and it printed! The "Setup incomplete" message has been replaced with "Ready to Print". You were always smarter than the average bear. Thank you. I owe you one.

The amber triangle with an exclamation point inside that appeared just above the message apparently corresponds to the ink status of two cartridges that are getting low and also have an amber triangle above them. Nice feature.


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