Has anyone ugraded from VersaWorks to VersaWorks 6 and, if so, was it worth the effort?

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Hi Dennis. I am wondering the same thing. I have been on the Roland North America forum and some people are having issues with the upgrade, so I'm waiting to make sure any glitches are addressed.



I installed VSW 6 a few months ago. It worked okay for a day, but if I closed it & tried to reopen it, it shuts down. I tried all the stuff roland support said to do, but it still shuts down. By that I mean, when I click the icon it opens up the bigger icon long enough to close again. The only way I can use it is if I initialize the program, and that means I have to reload all my media profiles & go through & reset all of the queue settings. That's a pain, so I quit using it & went back to VSW 5. Too bad, I liked the VSW 6 with the 5 different queues.

Hi Dennis, I Installed VW6 about a week ago and it works fine. There's not a lot of difference apart from having 4 print queues and the look. It does have a general prepress colour setting which I needed to change back to prepress US otherwise I had problem with ink drying.

Thanks Duncan. I installed VW 6.0.1 today on a new Windows 10 PC and ran several jobs with no problems. I closed it and re-opened it once to see if the problem that Brian mentioned would pop up. I didn't have a problem; but, I will be mindful of the problem that Brian encountered.

Still haven't encountered any issues with VW 6.0.

VW 6.0.1 is still working without any issues.


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